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I reserved a room in Myrtle Beach S.C.for 777.00 for 3 nights that was supposed to have a balcony overlooking the beach.When we arrived after traveling for 8 hours we were given a small regular room and told that this room was what we ordered.

I would have never paid 259.00 a night for a regular room that didn't overlook the ocean and also didn't have a balcony but they didn't care The Manager was rude . and the staff were not very pleasant either Also our room was broken into and some medications were taken, we filed a police report.

I deserve a refund for not getting what I paid to get and for getting a regular room at VIP prices that was definitely not VIP I am very upset and will never stay at the Holiday Inn again unless they make it right with me.Also I'm spreading the word about getting ripped off of my money and medicines

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Mr. Happy

You sound like a real pip!It's the Holiday Inn not the Ritz in Paris.

You were obviously cranky after your "eight hour" trip and decided that you were going to play high and mighty with a crummy little hotel.Get a life.


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