Ok so I got my fenders and my fender flares back this evening(only took them 7 hours to do 4 base coats and then 4 clear coats on these bad boys). And very surprising, they turned out amazing. They matched the factory color perfectly and I did not expect them to look like they came off the assembly line but they do. So all in all I got a perfect paint job for a very fair and reasonable price for 300 bucks plus tax. I'm happy and I will be back to get my rear fenders painted and to get my hard top painted. I didn't want to let them paint all that stuff at once because I wanted to see how there work turned out first and it turned out great. And by the way all the guys that I dealt with and talked to were very nice and professional. The main sales rep that got me hooked up was James and the other guy that took the picture of my paint color and that I also talked to was Robert. They acted professional and showed a lot of concern and could empathize with me as the customer since I needed them done same day. Oh and when my wife called to tell them that they needed to be done the same day I believe she spoke with a joe and he told her no problem, he would make sure that they were done and guess what...they were done in 7 hours..that's fast in my book.

Anyway great experience and perfect job well done.

I know some people who may read this think they paid me to say this but I swear I'm a real customer and have had no relation with Maaco or anyone that works for maaco. I just came across this page when I was looking over maaco reviews. And I was a little skeptical after reading some of these people's reviews but I knew that maaco does guarenteed work so even if they did mess something up I know that they would fix it if I asked politely. So for the people on here that did have a bad experience I'm sorry that that happened but just make sure your polite and respectful to whoever your dealing with and that person will treat you the same way. Treat others how you want to be treated and its all golden good news from there.

So for the record I'm a jeep enthusiast who just needed some fenders and fender flares painted so I took them to maaco here in myrtle beach and I got a wicked nice red rock crystal pearl paint job.

Well I was gonna post some pictures of the fenders and fender flares but it won't let me off my iPhone:/ so if you would like to see the finished product I'm sure you see my jeep riding around myrtle beach, can't miss it cause it the most badass one.

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